Trend Fuels Trend

Top automakers in the country halted their production during summers due to lack of demand. The slowdown was in making for several years. It happened because of a slow economy and other big trends like the appearance of cab-hailing apps like Uber and Ola.

Cab hailing apps become big because of the growth in smartphone usage. Smartphone usage grew because of improved connectivity and availability of bandwidth.

One trend fuelled another which brought about a major shift in the industry.

This is not a one-off instance. 

Co-working spaces became big because it became cool to be an entrepreneur during the past decade and more people started ‘becoming’ entrepreneur. What else can explain a $47 billion valuation of a coworking startup?

You can look around and think of trends are shaping up right now to figure out the next big trend. Some of the big trends of current times are,

But these are not all. You can explore more and see how a trend impacts your career and the industry you work in. Very least, you will get ideas to brave the change and survive. 

If you look hard and long enough and are lucky then you will find ideas to disrupt the market and win big.

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