Changing Gears

Who is your favorite batsman?

Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma?

Does not matter who it is because both of them are very good.

Both have a solid technique and can play according to the conditions.

When they need to save the wicket, they go slow, taking ones and twos. When a foundation is made, they change gears and start the onslaught.

Ability to change gears is a big one. It does not only help in the game of cricket. It helps in other fields too.

An entrepreneur, who is good at changing gears, may turn inwards in early mornings and take time to learn. Come noon she turns outwards and talks to the team and makes phone calls. In the afternoon or evening, she changes gears again and goes full throttle, and goes out to meet clients and potential partners.

A proficient author also does the same. In the prewriting phase, she explores and researches her topic. Once it is done she switches gears and sits down to write, which takes tons of disciplines. The next phase, she changes gears again and brings her best patient self to the board, goes word by word, line by line and makes sure it that each sentence, leads to the next one, and one paragraph to the next, and the whole prose sings.

From outside it all looks the same, but a master when she changes gears takes on a new role and applies a part of herself that is best suited to a particular situation.

Do you have this ability to change gears at will or do you want to develop it?

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