Obstacles You’ll Find On Path To Personal Growth

On the growth path, we fight the biggest fight with ourselves.

We fight with our senses, thought process, and beliefs.

Of all these fights the number one fight is with the senses. Our senses are always looking for instant gratification. If left to choose on their own, they seek and choose pleasure over everything else. Because of this entertainment takes precedence overwork, and viewing of one short video turns into a day-long binge. Senses also choose taste over health. So, to grow we need to conquer instant gratification.

Next up, we find ourselves affected by the opinion of others. We fear what others will say if we make a certain choice or if it does not work. We need to get over this in order to grow.

We also need to fight our own limiting beliefs. Because limiting beliefs get us to question our dreams, goals and what we can do. To grow, we need to eliminate all doubts from our heads and believe that we can do whatever we set our minds to.

Senses, thoughts, and beliefs all manifest through our bodies. Our bodies also put in work needed to grow. An unhealthy body or wavering mind is a big obstacle in the way of growth. So, it is important that we take care of our bodies and minds if we are serious about growth.

Once we tackle these challenges, growth won’t be far from us.

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