Your Tools Won’t Make or Break You.

What you do with them will do.

See, we all have the same laptops and apps.

We all have the same avenues for learning.

Still some people keep looking at other people in awe and at their creation.

And there are others who keep on creating using the same tools to make magical stuff that helps them and others.

One group ignores the distractions, becomes proficient at using the tools they got in the most efficient and creative way.

For this they take courses, read books and seek out those who know to get guidance from them.

And the other group just does the minimum to get by, and get through the workday. 

Over time, they get left behind wondering what is happening and why that other person who was standing next to them is way past them and is so far that they can’t even fathom reaching there.

What differentiates the two?

Little effort one makes and initiative one takes day after day, makes all the difference.

One groups stands on the sidelines

And others move forward.

Who will you be?

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