Think Before You Act

“Just do it.”

“Act now, think later.”

These are great slogans and action phrases.

That doesn’t mean everyone should do it this way.

Think about what’s at stake and where you are in your journey.

If you are just getting started, jump on every opportunity, gain experience, and see what sticks.

If you have seen some success and are further ahead, then before committing to something, see if the idea you want to act on fits your vision of the future you want for yourself.

It’s important because time is limited for each of us, whether we realize it or not.

If you are scared that not being spontaneous will reduce your creativity and chances of experiencing serendipity, then commit about 5% of your time and resources to random exploration and action.

For the remaining 95% of the time, be mindful about where you spend it.

Because even three months spent on something not aligned with your purpose and goals will waste 1/400th of your time, assuming you’ll live up to 100 years.

I wish you fun and success in whatever you do. 🙂

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