How to Double (Even 10x) Your Agency’s Conversions, Revenues, and Profits in 18 Months

If you are running an agency or professional service biz,

Do the following to 2x and potentially 10x your conversions, revenues, and profits in 18 months.

  • Don’t send free proposals
  • Pitch a paid strategy
  • Those who buy it, give them your best thinking, nicely presented on how they could do things
  • In it, towards the end, offer two/or three options on how you’d do it, along with the investment
  • Don’t send it over email. Present it face to face or over zoom.

Why does this work?

Free proposals are a big-time kill.

And because they are free, they don’t present your best thinking, can’t because best thinking is custom for the client.

By pitching paid strategy, you filter those in the market for the cheapest deal and attract those who value ideas.

And when you do a paid strategy, your ideas will be valued more than if you did the same thing for free.

Options work because without options, your potential client will compare your pricing and offer to other offers outside, even though they may not offer the same value. With options, they compare the options you share.

And finally, by presenting the strategy, you can add a human touch, ask and confirm if what you are offering meets their goals, and then get one of the options on the call itself if they are keen.

How do I know they work? 

I know because I have used them for years with great success.

Brands pay me more for the strategy than many agencies charge for execution. And when it comes to implementation, I can charge top dollars because I’ve shown the value of the ideas and how they will work for ‘them.’

Try it, and don’t tell me if it worked. Just let me know how much it increased your revenues because I know it will.

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