1-2-3 for the Win


1x time to learn

2x time to practice

3x time to teach in public

A simple practical model to put it into practice:

15 minutes of learning,

30 minutes of practice, and 

an hour of teaching in public.

When teaching in public use a medium that the algorithm favors.

So tweets over the blog, spaces in addition to tweets, and video over text. 

If you are feeling committed and have an audience across platforms then teach using words (Tweets, posts on LinkedIn) and video (YouTube, IG, TikTok, etc)

By syncing with your distribution with the algorithm, you get a wider reach for the same effort.

That’s added motivation for you to learn, practice and share.

You win by getting good at skills that will propel you forward.

And, all those who learn with you win, by applying what you teach.

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