A Doc Each For All That Is Important In Life

I have seen smart people, who I admire, record their thoughts about the topics that are important to them – in a place that they can often check.

Feynman used a doc to record all that he could learn about a topic.

Derek Sivers creates “Thoughts On” journals to record his thoughts about the topics he thinks a lot about.

Why this matters?

Because we are constantly experiencing new ideas and facts. And, we are learning new approaches and world view related to the topics that we care about. Recording them in a doc, helps us find clarity, and solidify what we think about those topics. It helps us convert our hazy ideas about something into well-articulated thoughts. We can use them for our own benefit and share with others.

I have had such notes, both in analog and digital form, at different times about different themes in life. Whenever I have been consistent in thinking about a topic and noting down my takeaways, it has helped me.

It may help you also. You will only know if you try 🙂

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