Boost Your Business By Offering Tastings

I am not a big ice cream lover but my family is.

They like going to Naturals, the homegrown ice cream brand that originated in Mumbai in 1984. My family likes it because of its unique flavors. My little sister likes it because of the flavors and its Instagram worthiness.

Flavors, taste and ambiance aside, I think the free tastings also play a role in the success of brands like Naturals. Winemakers often use free tastings to get people to experience their wines. Automobile brands offer test rides.

Tastings work because they allow a customer to experience your brand without risking their money. Many a time such customers are on the fence and would end up not buying a product if not for tasting.

Can you do tastings for the customers of your business? If you can I am sure it will help with conversions.

You can even use it for a B2B business. I have used it for my agency biz. We created an entry-level product, a strategy document, which was more in-depth than a proposal that most agencies create when the clients ask them to send it over. And, we put a price for this strategy document. We tested several price points and settled on a price that was about 15% of the monthly retainer.

This worked great as a qualifier, allowed us to avoid wasting time on those who wanted free advice and meetings for entertainment and most importantly allowed clients to experience the way we work and what we bring to the table. This way client could ‘taste’ our capabilities and trust us for bigger responsibilities.

Think of what you can offer for free or for a small fee, depending on what you are selling, and start offering it to all those who come to buy. You can thank me later for increased conversions 🙂

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