The Next Step

It is tempting to look at billionaires and try to learn about their ways or read about how they made their wealth.

But for most people, it is better if they just focused on the next step.

And learn from those who are 2-5 years ahead from them.


Because it is more believable to reach in a place, where someone is slightly ahead of us and not too far.

Those who are close, are more reachable and open to sharing how they did it.

And this can be valuable where going after a goal.

With the next step, once you reach a million, you can look at those who are making 10 millions and from there 25, 50 or 100 millions.

Anyone who is at the $100 million mark can find people who are at $200 million and learn from them directly.

So, instead of worrying about taking a big leap, and risking everything, one can take the next step and ultimately reach where they want to.

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