The Cap

The other day I wrote about minimum viable output.

The idea here is to start your day with the least you need to do every day to get by, and doing it in the minimum time you can.

Today, I want to discuss another useful idea. It is setting a cap or an upper limit on the time you spend on one thing. 

This is super important because in a day we spend time on a multitude of activities and if you spend too much time on any one thing you miss out on other things. The time can be less or more depending on how important each activity is. 

We often don’t work out or meditate because we think it will take too much time from our schedule. And, because there is no hard cap on wasting time, we at times end up doing it too much. 

What if we schedule our whole day around individual caps?

Like, put a cap of 5 minutes on meditation time, 10 minutes on a workout, 2 hours of guilt-free leisure, 4 hours of work, 2 hours of family and friends time, and 30 minutes or 10 pages of reading. 

This way we don’t overdo anything and also don’t miss out on anything that matters.

Do you think it is worth trying?

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