Minimum Viable Output

We live in a world that prides itself on doing more.

But wanting to do more does not equal to doing more.

And, sometimes an opposite approach can be just as effective.

I call it the ‘minimum viable output’ or the MVO approach.

When following this approach, figure out the least you need to do every day to get by. Then find out the minimum time you will take to do it. Without setting the minimum time this approach does not work. Because then you risk taking an entire day or night to create minimum output.

Once you have figured out both – the minimum you need to do and minimum time you need to do it – your only goal should do the minimum first as soon as possible in the day. And then if you still want to do more, do it. 

Try it out if you are experiencing overwhelm due to your own expectations or the quantum of work that you need to do.


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