There Is Power in Seeing the Big Picture

When you see the big picture,

You understand the parts that make it, better.

Of course if the picture is too big, then you’ll miss out on certain things.

Even then you can observe one thing at a time.

For example if you are looking at a real picture of a neighborhood then at first just try to notice people in that picture. Then look at the road, then establish that you will be able to notice more.

How can you apply this in your life?

Start looking at your life, in one year units/

So how does one get on top of one year?

Is it even possible?

Yes, you can do that using a ‘year at a glance’ calendar. It gives you an overall view of your life.

There is a lot that goes on in our lives, every day, week on week, and there are some unique happenings that we don’t experience too often.

So we can’t cram it all into that calendar.

Pick one thing or two that matter most to you.

Then lay them out on your year at a glance on the calendar, in form of action. So what will you do every day to move forward when it comes to that one thing you have chosen for yourself.

For example if you are writing a book, you can plot it across 365 days and then give yourself a word count target and then improvise as you move forward based on how fast or slow you are going.

Once a manuscript is done, many seasoned authors like to lay out the printed pages of the manuscript on the floor to look at the big picture.

Think of how and in different aspects of your life you can look at the bigger picture.

For this, annual and even quarterly reviews work well. Rest and sabbaticals also help, because when you are not in ‘doing’ mode you can let your mind wander. With savallabtcals and long breaks we are also able to take a step back. It is so important to be able to look at a bigger picture.

Also, remember your tools are as good as you use them. So post your year at a glance calendar in a place where you can see it every day.

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