Four Steps to Building a Sustainable and Growing Business Even When You Have No Experience

If you want to build a business and you are still in the ideation stage then this article is for you.

Here are the four steps to build a growing business.

Make it.

As soon as you get an idea and you think you’ll enjoy doing it, make it into something that people can experience and pay for. It can be a prodigy or service or experience. Doesn’t matter what – just make it.

Sell it. 

Next up, get someone to pay for it. For more than what it took you to make it. Turn a profit.

Get People to talk about it.

Don’t stop there. Capture people, your customers, using it, enjoying it, and then share it with more people. Build awareness about what you sell all the time. Good if you treated both sales and building awareness as different pursuits and focused well on each.

Improve It.

As more people use what you make and sell, you will get varied feedback. Use it to make your product and service even better. Because without a good product or valuable service nothing else will work.

There you have it.

Now what’s stopping you from taking the leap and turning your ideas into a thriving business.

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