How To Find a Startup Idea To Work On

An alternative title of this post can be – when unsure of what to do, take the options to the world and the world will tell you what to do.

So, you want to launch a startup.

And, have many ideas that excite you.

But, you are not sure which one is right for you.

What to do in such a situation?

You start by doing something which is fun, which improves your skill that’ll be useful irrespective of the idea you pursue.

What can be something like this?

Interviewing prospective customers or people who are like your ideal customers.

This is just talking with people. You can do that?

I guess.

Who to interview?

Pick an idea from the options that excite you.

And if you are not sure which one to pick, pick any.

Because at this point you just want to improve your talking skill.

Make a business plan, and write a copy based on your conversation with people.

These skills will be useful whether the idea you are doing first works or not.

And by the time you do 50-100 interviews, you’ll have a fair idea of what customers want and whether the idea you chose will work.

If it does, then it’s great.

If not, repeat the same process with another idea.

Interviewing people like your ideal customers is a better approach than idea validation where you ask people to pay for what you are building.

Also, idea validation is valid where you are already clear of your idea. In an interview-based approach there is no immediate pressure on the person you are talking to, to buy from you.

So they can be more forthcoming with their pain and challenges.

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