See if You Like It First Before Diving Into It

Do you like travel vloggers?

And want to become one yourself?

If yes, don’t quit your job yet.

First, be in her shoes for 2 weeks and see how you like it.

If you like, go a little further. Take another 2 weeks break and give it another shot and if you still like it, start doing it once every month.

Your interest can be anything and you’ll benefit from testing it on a small scale first.

Want to become an author? Try writing 4 quality articles. If you do that easily and are happy about it, then give becoming an author a chance.

Before applying for a degree takes a short course. And you’ll save both your money and time.

When looking to choose a specialization, try interning with someone who did the same specialization and lets you do the work. 

So always test first and then proceed.

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