You Don’t Have To Do The Same Thing Always

Who are you?

An entrepreneur,

An employee,

A programmer,

A consultant,

A teacher,

An artist?

Or someone else?

Where did these identities come from?

From doing what you do for many years.

You acquired this identity over time.

We all acquire different identities in our life like that.

We are never born with one.

Then why can’t we change our identity?

I’d say that we should seek to change our identity every 2-4 years. We can do it sooner than that but that won’t be a meaningful change because it takes time to fully embrace a new identity and grow with it.

Do it by going on new adventures, and opening to new experiences, possibilities, and opportunities.

Once you do that, announce them to the world, so that opportunities related to your new identity start coming to you. The ones you didn’t think or knew existed.

When I was starting my career, I could have never imagined that I’d be an author, public speaker and get paid for doing it or be a consultant and trusted advisor to CEOs.

But I was open to change and actively explored new paths, not as much as I wished though, and came to where I am today.

A single-track life is not bad, and I have nothing against those who pursue it but there are chances of stagnation in it.

So, change and embrace new paths while you can.

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