Want People To Trust Your Brand? Educate Them.

This can work for most brands.

There are numerous examples that it works.

Casper does it with its blog.

Instamojo is doing it with MojoUniversity.

I did it for my learning startup with the country’s first free digital marketing course.

Into the Gloss, used it to kickstart a billion-dollar brand.

But why does this work?

Because when you educate your customers about a topic related to your brand, their understanding of the space increases.

With increased understanding, your customers become more empathetic towards your brand, and with empathy and positive feelings towards your brand, comes loyalty.

It does not happen in one day. First, the customers know your brand. Then they start liking your brand. Eventually, they start trusting your brand. At some point trust increases to a level where a customer is ready to pull out her card and buy what you sell.

It does not end here. If their after-purchase experience is good they come back to buy more.

This approach is simple and effective. Strange that not enough brands are doing it.

If you are not doing it already, start an education hub for your brand.

With this approach, you get other benefits too. You win with search and nail it if you do both text and video. 

It helps with both discovery and distribution. Distribution, because when people come to your site, you can get their permission to send updates. And when launching a new product, you can write to them and get traction.

You also build a media company on the side, and that adds to the perception about and valuation of your brand.

Now, go and implement it. Reach out if you have questions.

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