Superman of Business. You?

Not yet. But you can be one.


By finding problems of customers that other businesses are not solving.

There is a problem. It’s not easy. It takes time and effort both. More than usual.

More importantly, it takes patience. Not everyone has it.

Patience, because to find unaddressed customer problems you have to observe, listen, and pay attention – to what customers are saying, what they are experiencing, what they are not happy about.

Girish Mathrubootham started a billion-dollar company, by observing that the customers of a mighty incumbent were not happy with a price increase, and taking action on that insight.

Observing and watching from the sidelines works the best. Does not matter where you do it. Amazon reviewers, Reddit, Hacker News, or in the comments section of popular YouTube videos and blogs in your industry.

You can ask people directly but not everyone tells the truth about how they are feeling, but they vent it online. Paying companies for market research is a waste of money and time.

Hope you’ll take time to develop this superpower before you start your business, and win big.

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