Get Bad To Become Good

Most of us don’t attempt careers, passions, relationships because we fear to look bad.

Raise your hand, if this has happened with you.

To become good we can’t bypass the getting bad part.

Doing anything every day long enough, with worrying about how bad you look and are, review to understand the parts where you need improvement and then do deliberate practice to improve those parts. And before you know, you’ll see improvements. 

Do it even longer, and those around you will see a new you.

And, it can’t get simpler than this.

The only caveat, you can’t skip the looking bad part.

You can take a leap but not a flight.

If you keep waiting for a flight, then you’ll be in for a disappointment because it’s not coming.

The choice is yours, whether you want to go through a small period of struggle and live the future or wait to find the perfect solution where a magic wand will transform you into a perfect being from the future.

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