Facebook Powered Funnel for Your Brand’s Growth

Facebook groups are great for engagement.

I leveraged them early to build a 13,000 plus subscriber list in 59 days, with ample help from friends and colleagues.

Soon after that, after the 2016 US Presidential election, Mark Zuckerberg shifted Facebook’s focus to groups.  Facebook said that more than 400 million people in groups found them meaningful as of April 2019, up from 100 million in February 2017.

So, it makes sense to not plan your Facebook strategy without including groups in it, especially if a community is important for your brand.

That said, Groups take a lot of time and effort to get going. And during the build-up phase, you need to invest a lot of time engaging and replying to almost all queries in her group.

Here is a simple funnel that you can use to approach:

  • ? Start with a Facebook brand page with your name (We can use your existing page) ? 
  • ? Start publishing content there
  • ? Build the initial audience, by running ads (we can also run ads to promote webinar) ?
  • ? Run ads to promote the quiz ?
  • ? Which will help us build the email list ? 
  • ? Have an automated prompt in the email sequence to ? 
  • ? Get the subscribers on the Facebook Groups ? 
  • ? To use it to grow your brand and also drive the engagement

When we get group members from among subscribers early on, we make sure that we are getting engaged members who will form the core of the audience and will help get new members to get on board. 

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