If There Was a Formula for Success, It Is This.

Success = Big Dream + Big Consistent Action + Belief in Self

So to succeed at anything one got to have a big vision.

Great if it is not about accumulation of material wealth but to solve big problems, create big.

Once you have a dream, even when it is not clear enough, start acting on it. Do it even when you doubt yourself. Because through action you gain clarity.

Act without waiting for approval or right time. Because the right time is now. Later you may be too late, or may have moved on to something else, to not do anything about that new thing also.

But the equation won’t be complete if you stopped after initial action. You got to take consistent action. Gary Keller, creator of the biggest real estate company in the world, by number of agents, says in One Thing, his best-selling book that whatever you goal, spend 4 hours a day working on that. If you did that you’ll increase your chances of succeeding a lot.

Then the last part of the equation. It is believing that you can achieve whatever you are after. With belief comes confidence and when you are confident you can go out there and make it happen by talking about what you are making, by selling it and also to get help to make your success and impact bigger.

While you are on this path you may experience imposter syndrome or self-doubt. Put them on side and take action again because through it you make some right decisions that will propel you on the path to success. 

And, if you are thinking how to make right decisions. You don’t, you just take a lot of decisions and through it you make wrong decisions. You learn from these wrong decisions and use the learning to make right decisions that propels you further on the path of success.

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