The Longer You Do Something Easier It Becomes. Add These Two Dimensions to It To Make the Impact Even Bigger.

To find success and live a comfortable life it matters to pick one thing and stick to it for long.

But you can only stick to something for long if it is not a big pain.

It is important that you make doing what you do easy.

Simple idea is that when you do something long enough it becomes easy.

But can we make it easier?

Yes, we can.

Here is how.

So the primary dimension is time that you apply to whatever you do, and it will become easier over time.

The second dimension you can add is repetition. How often you do it in a month, or a year will have an impact on how easy or simple something is for you.

To add this dimension, do what you do every day or for several hours a day, to increase the ease, because when you do something often, you gain and are able to maintain momentum.

Another dimension which is not discussed much is picking something evergreen to spend your time on. For example, if you want to get better at digital marketing, you can go for a long time but it keeps changing bit by bit every month and it changes a lot in a year. So there will always be a sense of discomfort, or lack of mastery if you pursued digital marketing as a whole.

So instead of trying to get better at digital marketing, pick foundational skills that make you a better digital marketer like copywriting, audience research or audience building, instead of trying to keep up with tools that change every year.

If you want to go even further, get help from someone who is ahead of you in doing it. This can change your trajectory. Give it a shot.

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