How To Write Without Being Distracted – 6 Ideas That Work

Want to write but can’t because of distractions?

Try these.

  1. Switch off wifi and phone. To make this one work, do what you need the internet for in advance. Like completing any research beforehand.

2. Write in a notebook and not on a laptop. This makes sure that you’ll not have to rely on your willpower to force yourself to write. Most directions when we are on the phone or on a laptop with the internet. With a paper notebook, we take these two out of the equation and improve our chance of writing.

3. Keep a doc with a partially written draft. This way you don’t have to start from scratch every time you sit down to write and worry about coming up with ideas and topics to write about. Even better create an outline for 5-10 topics you want to write about in advance.

4. Write with someone else. You can do this, with your accountability buddy. Just set up your writing goals for the session and do it share screens and go on mute so that the other side won’t have to listen to you typing or any other distracting sound. You can get a lot done in 1-2 hours of writing sessions.

5. Meditate or do anything that centers you and makes you focused. It can be a round of exercise or a simple breathing exercise. Do whatever works.

6. Make sure you are not too full or hungry. Both are not good for our focus. Make sure that you have had something to eat at least a few hours before you sit down to write.

Try these and let me know how these work for you.

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