Make and Show

A maker's work tool.

Are you a maker, writer or an entrepreneur?

Do you make software, create art, write essays or books, or do you design something worth seeing and using?

If you do, chances are you want people to see and use your creation. Otherwise, what is the point to create in the first place except that it gives you joy.

Then it is important that you share your creation once you have made it.

Businesses and projects don’t become big on their own. Ideas don’t find feet until you share them. Books don’t become bestsellers if you write and do nothing about it. Someone has to get the word out. If you are the creator then who better than you?

I prefer sharing finished work. This blog post is my finished work. So is my digital marketing book.

An even better approach is to show while you make – show your process and what is to come. It gets people excited.

Don’t worry about what people will do after seeing your work. Show it and leave the reaction to those who see it. Unless people see what you have made, there will be no way for them to support you. So show your work and help people help you.

Talking about your work only once may not be enough. We don’t register everything about something at one go. Share more than once. Many times if what you are making adds a lot of value to the lives of those around you. You decide.

Don’t be shy. Also, don’t be a jerk and spam people.

There is nothing bad with a simple nudge though. Something like – Hey, I made this, what do you think? When you share again – tell stories and reference your work there.

Of course first, you need to make stuff so that you can reference it and talk about it later. More you make more reference and discussion points you’ll have.

If you think talking about your work is vanity, then know that FAME is more than that. It is also about having the freedom to make the stuff you want. Don’t you want that freedom in your life?

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