Stop Reading What Confirms Your Views

Limited view

We seek what confirms our world view.

People who say what we are doing is right. Articles and videos that confirm our existing beliefs.

This approach though natural limits our growth.

Instead, seek people and resources who state what is different from your current thinking. The idea is not to seek those who criticize the way you think but someone who thinks clearly and can question your way of doing things.

Finding such people is tricky so you may start with books, articles, and videos.

This is important because unless we expose ourselves to new ideas and thoughts we’ll not be able to break our old patterns of thinking and change our world view.

That’s why among my articles, my favorites are the ones like being more productive by working less and 10x growth is possible.

They propose a new approach. One of them shares that is possible to complete big projects in 1-2 months and people make millions while working 1 hour a day. The examples you see there are not from your everyday people.

You’ll want to resist the idea of 10x growth because this is not how businesses grow usually. Even when you get the logic you don’t believe that you can do it.

You’d want to believe that hard work and 10-20% annual growth is doable and not 10x growth. To confirm your belief that hard work and linear growth are the only right ways of growth, you go back to a video that preaches this approach. It confirms that you are on the right path and may give you some satisfaction but it won’t give you life-changing growth.

I don’t want you to believe that you can change your life by endlessly reading inspiring articles. At some point, you got to say that it is time to change and act.

But while you are reading and getting online advice, I urge you to seek ideas that are different from what you consume on a regular basis. If you continue to read the same books and meet the same people you’ll be the same person that you are now, except you’ll be older like all of us.

Hope you do it and your life changes for good with all news ideas you’ll try. Not all of them will work but some will and that’ll be enough.

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