Startups Are Hard. Do This To Reduce the Pain.

1/ Accept the grind and non-glamorous part of being an entrepreneur. When you are aware of the reality and accept what comes with it, you’ll find it easier than if you didn’t.

2/ Don’t do it alone. Get a cofounder or a coach. You’ll spend more time with your co-founder than you spend with your spouse or partner, so choose wisely. If both are not possible at the moment, find your tribe – pay to be in a mastermind with other founders with their own wins and struggles, if that helps.

3/ Don’t wait for a milestone to be happy or fulfilled because the journey is the prize. Find a way to win in the short term and make that the reason for your joy.

4/ Pay yourself market-level salaries as soon as you can because you don’t want money to be the reason for your stress.

5/ Think about how you can achieve your 10-year goals in 1 year and do it fast.

6/ And break big goals into daily action and show up every day. It is cliched but super important so don’t ignore it.

What will you add to it?

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