7 Ideas to Start and Finish Your Work on Time Every Day and Still Accomplish a Lot

The general notion is that you need to burn the midnight oil to burn bright. But this might not be true.

Here is what you can do to accomplish a lot in a standard eight hour work day.

  • First things first, start on time to finish on time.
  • Master your posture and sleep to be able to be in peak condition energy wise and focus wise when it comes to your chosen working hours.
  • Find your rhythm and build your workday around that. For example, you can read first thing in the morning while you are still groggy and then write or create new plans.
  • Look for leakages, plug those or don’t fall for distractions.
  • Achieve mastery over what you do so that you won’t have to compete with regular folks and won’t have to work a lot to make a living.
  • Get good tools for your work because they make you more efficient.
  • Get into a zone of peak productivity and do whatever is needed to keep it. It also means not eating too much.

What else would you add to this list?

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