Being A Boss

Being a boss is tough.

You have to invest time over and above what do you day-to-day.

Here are some notes based on personal experiences and conversations that if you are a boss currently or plan to be one soon.

  • Don’t be lazy
  • Show the path
  • Lead by example
  • Have no difference in what you say and what you do (Be a Man or Woman of your words)
  • Understand that it is not easy being a boss – you’ll have to babysit your team members and resolve conflicts at times
  • Communicate clearly
  • Document what you say
  • Give realistic goals and have a way to measure progress, maybe through OKRs
  • Offer new team member a clear ramp-up plan
  • Research says that new employees take about 90-180 days to get in the groove and contribute at 100% of their capacity, give new team members this time
  • Don’t waste time in long meetings
  • Enable an environment of trust that allows people to make mistakes, learn and grow
  • Offer constructive feedback
  • Keep your personal equations different from work equations and don’t let them come in way of work
  • Fire when you need to
  • Show empathy when you need to
  • Understand a team member’s personality and help them leverage their strengths in doing the job
  • Be open to ideas, and learn and implement if a team member offers a good idea

Are you a boss?

What have you learned about being one?

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