Speed is Paramount

Movement is life, stagnation is death.

During the times, when things around us are not moving at their usual pace we need to move fast.

That is the only way to not lose the momentum that many of us spent so much time and effort to build.

Pointless movement won’t help as much as well planned movement.

Pick goals that always seemed too distant or almost impossible and go after them.

And, go fast.

Don’t over plan. Just assess what you have, what you can assemble and set sail. Just go.

Plan for short work cycles. a 6 weeks cycle is good, that is what companies like BaseCamp, Intercom and Buffer use to move forward with their product development.

But we can use the same approach for any project.

Don’t overcomplicate, rest, work, review and if you feel stuck at any point ask yourself, “what if it was easy?”

To keep it simple, set a daily quota of output and achieve it early in a day.

Hope you try this approach, move fast and see progress.

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