Let’s Get Stronger

These are the times to get stronger.

When we become strong we also become resilient.

We can work on our strength on two planes.

Physical and mental.

Many of us ignore both.

Some take care of the physical part.

Only a few pay attention to mental strength.

That is needed more than anything to sail through challenging times.

No one would wish current times on anyone but these are the kinds of times tailor-made to become mentally strong because strength develops under pressure, and by working our way through unfamiliar surroundings, and there are plenty of these right now in our lives.

But there is another thing we ought to keep in mind – one can crumble under if there is no respite or no break from it. We are humans and we need time for recovery. So to become mentally strong give yourself a break from the news, the constant chatter of social media. I understand news is important but don’t consume more than 5-10 minutes a day. 

If you are watching it because you are bored or anxious then find other ways to alleviate anxiety. As I shared in yesterday’s post, we need to find new signs of life to sail through this situation.

Meditate, cultivate new hobbies, connect, learn, teach, all while staying safe.

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