Small Brands Have Big Battles on Their Hands

This is especially true for small brands looking to get bigger or as big as the more prominent brands in their space.


Because when they are small, people find it hard to trust them.

Size has its advantages, you see.

And, people often buy what is good enough from a small group of ‘safe’ brands, the brands they are familiar with.

This does not mean a small brand can never grow.

It just means that to grow and compete with big players, they need to try much harder.

They can’t just treat the biggest brand as the benchmark.

They need to outdo these big brands by launching a great product and exemplary customer service.

They also need to get in front of their customers first, and marketing dollars may not be enough for it. 

So growth hack your way to a large audience to try what you make, much like Dropbox or Slack did. Find some innovation that will get users excited about your brand. 

Dropbox offered extra storage for both the referrer and those who got referred.

Dollar Shave Club did it with its unusual viral video ad.

Gmail leaned into people’s FOMO with its invite-only strategy.

How will you do it?

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