Don’t Cheat on Your Business

The relationship won’t last if you do that, and your business will leave you.

Don’t flirt with anything that puts your loyalty to your business in question.

So don’t procrastinate on what you need to do, don’t give in to distractions, don’t surf the web, and scroll through your phone when you should be working.

If you find yourself off-track, recommit to being in love with your business and show some love by nurturing it with a consistent schedule and your best energy investment in doing what matters most for the growth of your business.

Occasionally, take counsel from those who have maintained a loving relationship with their business. Meet and seek guidance from those who have grown their business like you’d want to grow yours.

And put to use the advice they give you to strengthen your bond and commitment to your business. It won’t be in vain. When you love your business, it will love you back and shower you with profits, cash flow, and, most importantly, freedom from financial worries.

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