Kill Perfection! Be Consistent Instead

It stops us from creating new habits, learning, approaching people, and going after opportunities. 

We want to do it right, and when we are ready. 

We are never ready. 

We always have to stretch for truly remarkable opportunities.

So act first and perfect later.

Perfection also implies that we have high standards. But what are those high standards worth if it pushes us into lethargy and inaction?

Even when we can start with what we call perfect, it is tough to be perfect on all fronts.

So start by meditating for 1 minute a day, and enjoy it before bumping it up to 2, 3, 15, or 30 minutes a day. Know that your perfect is 30 minutes but set the lowest limit for yourself. So you aim for 30 minutes, but on some days, it is ok if you did 1 or 3 minutes, whatever the limit you set for yourself. Do like this for other things too.

Do an imperfect outreach, learn on the fly, and do it better when you do it next. Then, repeat 100 times, and you would have gotten very good at it.

Choose consistently over perfection. Try to get more reps in.

And, for a few things that are important and matter a lot to you, continue getting better and raising your standards with deliberate practice and consistency.

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