10 Simple Things That Make a Big Impact in Life and Are Game-Changers

1/ Eating slowly and mindfully.

2/ Daily movement for 25 mins.

3/ A ritual to start and end the day.

4/ Batching tasks you need to do by category

5/ Having a consistent sleep and wake-up schedule.

6/ ??Listing 3 things you need to do the night before and prioritize getting them done before everything else.

7/ Attacking difficult problems from all directions and completing using a mix of planning and intense action.

8/ Sending gifts and handwritten notes to friends and customers and wishing people who matter on their birthdays.

9/ Knowing that routine makes us productive and breaking away from routine makes us creative. Have space for both in a day.

10/ Not rewarding yourself with dopamine (phone, social media, etc.) or food until you have done the MIT (the most important task of the day).

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