How To Get Better In Any Field

It’s simple.

Expose yourself to what you and others consider good.

For example, to have good ideas, expose yourself to good ideas.

To do this, follow, read, watch, and listen to others who have a reputation for having good ideas.

Try and understand what makes their ideas so good.

Think about what you like about it.

Note everything.

Also, on the side, try coming up with ideas on random topics.

Do it every day.

Chances are, most of those ideas will be bad.

But as you continue exposing yourself to good ideas, you’ll imbibe some of what makes these ideas good and start having good ideas yourself.

When you do it over time, you will become an idea machine and won’t be able to stop good ideas from coming into your head.

You can use this same process to get better in almost any field.

For example:

Want to write better?

Read high-quality writing.

Over time, you start noticing what makes their writing so good.
Even better, check out the breakdowns of their process by others or do it yourself.

And, you’ll improve much faster.

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