10 Must-Dos for an Entrepreneur

1/ Ensuring good profit margins. You can’t invest in growth if you don’t have profits.

2/ Keeping an eye on cash flow at all times. Revenue and profits mean nothing if you don’t have cash in the bank.

3/ To do the above, check your cash flow statement weekly.

4/ Ensure employees know what and when they should do something.

5/ Ensure everyone in the business knows who is responsible for completing something and who is accountable. Both are usually different people.

6/ Hiring. Even when not hiring, actively build a hiring pipeline by getting to know paper, asking people you know to send good people they know your way. With this, you’ll always have a good pool of people to choose from even before you start with traditional channels like Linkedin and other job boards.

7/ Setting the vision, so everyone knows why we are doing what we are doing.

8/ Leading the business brand. There will be a Chief Brand Officer for enterprise brands. Still, the CEO is often the most prominent brand ambassador.

9/ Keeping a pulse on the market by talking to people, reading, and keeping your eyes and ears open.

10/ Tracking time and ensuring they spend 80% of their time in their zone of genius.

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