Shut-off, why not?

shut-offIn this world running at a breakneck speed it is important to stop and take breaks otherwise you know what will happen? Somebody will break a neck.

Let us discuss why and how to shut off; and also touch upon how to prepare to shut-off.


Helps you recharge

Have you ever tried using a remote control with weak batteries? What happens when you do that? It does not function properly. What do you do then? You either recharge the batteries or replace the batteries with the new ones.

In case of a human being replacement is not possible so we go for recharging. When you take time to recharge it helps you get the best out of your days.

Gets the work done

In offices there is clutter and chaos; there is water cooler talk, emails, Skype chats, phones, and long meetings. By shutting off you make sure that you are able to focus on what is important and get it done.

Gives you time to think

René Descartes, the French Philosopher said cogito ergo sum (“I think, therefore I am”). To think is a human being’s unique ability. One ought and need to think to make a better life. Thinking helps you align your priorities, helps you plan and provide clarity of thought. Thinking is an art and one should spend some time perfecting it.

Gives time to be with your loved ones

During work packed days there is less quality time that can be spent with family. During shut-off time you can connect better with your loved ones and those who matter.

Brings balance to life

There are times when we go off-balance in life or work. How do you bring it back? By try to do big chunk at one go. Sleep deprived for long time — sleep for two days at one go.

Preparing to shut off

Online Life: Get off email and social networks. On email set an auto-responder that you will not be available to respond. Tell your social network connects some days in advance so that they are ready for your not being there for a while.

Business/ Work: If you want to shut-off for a long time then create a business runs without you. A start-up entrepreneur finds it really difficult to do it because she is the only one doing everything. Try going for premium pricing in your business and then outsource bulk of your business. Tim Ferriss has discussed this in detail in 4-hour work week.

How to utilize shut-off time?

  1. Go on long vacation — month long is ideal, anything upwards of 15days. Utilize your unspent holidays if you are in a job.
  2. Get into something which is different than what you usually do. If you stay alone then you can take this time to cook a meal for friends and invite them over.
  3. If you have a project that needs to be finished then just get into a small meeting room or a close by coffee shop and get it done.
  4. Sleep long hours and balance sleep deficit
  5. Enroll in a music or dance (fill your favorite activity here) crash course.
  6. Watch your favorite movies that you always wanted to see; but could not see due to time constraints
  7. Read your favorite books
  8. Connect with friends and family

My next plan for shut off time is to go to a Vipassana retreat; how do you plan to utilize your shut off time?

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