Accomplish Your Long-Term Goals With Short-Term Action

Your long-term plans are important, but if you are ambitious, they will not be achieved by your current self.
You will have to become a new person to achieve them.

And, you won’t know who you need to be in 10 years to achieve your 10-year goals.

But you can see what you need to do to achieve your 90-day plan.

That’s why the simplest way to do it is to break your long-term goals into short-term goals and plans to achieve them.

Then list what skills and who you will need to achieve that small 90-day goal.

Pick that skill and learn for the next 15-30 days, and for the remaining 60 days, continue learning and applying side by side.

You’ll get stuck on the way and learn a specific part of that skill to overcome it.

And you’ll have immense growth.

Repeat every quarter, and you’ll be an altogether different transformed person in 5-10 years.

And you’ll achieve much bigger goals than you planned to accomplish in the first place.

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