10 Things That Make Creating Easy for a Creator

Life as a creator is rewarding once you make it.

But the process of getting there is chaotic.

And it is important to know that your creations are your primary tool to get there.

So if you can’t create consistently, you can reap all the benefits and rewards of being a successful creator.

Here are 10 things that can help you create consistently:

  1. An idea swipe file
  2. Phone on flight mode
  3. Long walks without music
  4. Time blocking + a deadline
  5. Active consumption (reading, watching videos to gather ideas)
  6. Having a diary on you always and recording thoughts as they appear
  7. A clean desk — creation is easy when the surroundings are clean and orderly.
  8. Ample rest, a sleep-deprived person is like a zombie, and zombies aren’t known to be great creators.
  9. Talking to other creators. It is hard not to come up with exciting ideas after talking to someone on the same path.
  10. Change the medium you create for or add a secondary medium. This helps break the monotony and keeps the process enjoyable. You can’t continue what you don’t enjoy.

What else will you add?

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