The Journey of a Profitable Creator

  1. Identify 1-3 areas where you have proven expertise
  2. Identify a public platform (Twitter/LI/YT) where people who need the expertise you have
  3. Commit to publish content consistently, start with 3 days/week, build to every day, same time every day
  4. Use proven content formats, and educate, share, challenge thinking, and entertain with your content
  5. Start focusing on 1 area/niche when engagement and enjoyment is more
  6. Connect with a fellow creator every day. You can also batch this on any day of the week
  7. Engage and figure out ways to help each other
  8. Keep posting about your growth 
  9. Do share about challenges you are experiencing to keep it real
  10. Share who you have helped and are helping with your experience. Not making money yet. It can be as simple as a screenshot of DM where you replied to a question
  11. Make an offer
  12. Help win those who buy
  13. Record their success – via images/video
  14. Share it where others can see it
  15. With the increase, social proof and credibility continue to raise prices to match the demand.

Do the above in 6 months or 6 years.

The faster you get over early chaos and challenges, the better it will be for you.

Speed and momentum will increase your chances of success, so fast is better in this case.

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