As a Coach Sharing What You Know Is Not Enough

Especially if you run a course or coaching program.

Because information alone is enough to improve performance or create results.

How do you make sure that the knowledge that you share as information, creates the kind of transformation that your customer expects?

Here is how.

  • Ensure the customer has skin in the game, which usually happens when a customer pays a premium price.
  • Share distilled info so that what you are sharing is clear enough and not overwhelming for someone who is new to it.
  • Make sure that customers are accountable for their progress by introducing a buddy system, or give them a map to implement that includes live weekly interaction.
  • Gamify the consumption of information.

Even after all this, continue talking to customers and remind them that what you offer works by sharing social proof and case studies of those who got value and transformation.

Be by their side and answer their questions inside a Facebook group or via voxer on a regular basis.

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