How To Make a Living as a Creator

Find a platform that is best for you to distribute your content.

Don’t wait to create until you become an expert.

Start and continue that’s how you become an expert.

Start as a peer of your followers, and share what you learn. 6-12 months into your journey start teaching others. This will help you build an audience around your content.

Publish to a regular schedule. This is important to build an audience. Because people should expect to see your content. Best if it becomes part of their daily/weekly routine.

Start with a schedule that is manageable for you. Weekly is fine. Build a buffer of content unless you are doing live content. Daily publishing helps to grow faster once your audience grows.

Next, monetize. Make an offer to your audience. It can be a product or service depending on what you sell. Help them win with what you sell. Get testimonials. Share with your audience, to build trust and sell again.

It’s simple. Create valuable content, add value, grow your audience and sell. Rinse and repeat. Continue growing like this.

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