Try Self-Growth and Creative Challenges to Grow in 2023

I’ve run a lot of creative and self-growth challenges in the past.

Like doing a 1200-day, daily meditation streak starting in 2014.

Or doing a daily writing challenge for a month in January 2019 that turned into a daily writing habit for the past close to 4 years.

I have documented more such challenges than I did here.

By doing these challenges, I have witnessed tremendous growth.

I suggest you consider doing one such challenge in an area where you want to grow.

You can use the challenges I listed above as inspiration.

Here are a couple more:

A friend did a 25-week and 25-product launch challenge. Most of his launches were for information products. Only a few worked well, but it was enough to create a foundation for growth and a sustainable business in 2023.

Another person I am connected with is launching 12 months 12 lead magnets challenge to grow his newsletter.

Pieter Levels is a well-known solopreneur who did 12 months and 12 projects challenging several years, which led him to create a multi-seven figures business that he runs alone.

Which will your creative challenge be about?

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