How To Deal With Clients Who Love Words Like ASAP and Urgent

Everyone running a service-based business must have experienced clients who want something done ASAP.

A client who thinks they own you if they give you business.

One way to stay clear of such clients is to work with clients who pay well.

Such clients value and respect the time of those they work with.

But even with them and everyone else, it is crucial to set boundaries and expectations early in a relationship.

Deal with it when you start working with a client and set those expectations early.

Tell them your working hours and days, and also any upcoming holidays in advance.

I tell my new clients at the beginning of the relationship something along these lines: 

“We are not in the business of making oxygen, so please don’t expect an urgent response and allow 48 hours during business days for us to respond to a business request.”

We usually reply sooner, but this tells clients they should not expect an immediate response.

This one thing makes a big difference, makes the client understand our mindset about our work, and sets expectations around communication and getting things done.

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