Actions Worth Taking Before Getting Into 2023

Organize your digital life: Declutter your hard drive, delete what you don’t need, and save the rest in an organized manner. Organize your passwords using a password manager. Work on your primary inbox to make it manageable, or take it to inbox zero state. Superhuman is excellent for making you efficient at doing emails.

Organizing your digital brain: It is a worthwhile exercise for a creator and everyone before heading into the new year. Tiago Forte’s BASB book and course are a great help if you plan to do this.

Organize your life: Organize all your essential documents in one place, and create multiple copies as backup. Fix the basics, like adding nominees to all your bank accounts.

Organize your financial life: Cancel subscriptions you don’t need/use anymore, and automate your payments, savings, and investments. Read Ramit Sethi’s ‘I Will Teach You to Be Rich’ to get better at it. Make a plan to achieve your short and long-term financial goals.

Gain more time: By deleting, delegating, and automating. Hire someone to do a part of what remains.

Get lighter: Take stock of your relationship and prioritize those who give you energy. Delete clothes you love – rest all give away, don’t buy anything new if you don’t donate or give one away. It will save you from clothes piling up. Eat better and start moving more to get and feel lighter.

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