Say I Can and You Will

Have you looked at someone doing something that is a dream for you and said, “I wish I could do it.”

And, then went about your day, thinking that they can do it but you can’t.

Where does such thinking emerge from?

From lack of confidence in your abilities to pursue something you want to.

It’s not impossible to fix this situation.

Even before you have confidence that you can do something, say – I can and I will.. do it.

Then take the first step, and the next step and the next step, until you finish what you set out to, maneuvering around challenges you encounter.

You can do it well if you know that confidence that you can do something is more important than ability. Because when you have the confidence that you can do something, you will find ways to increase your ability and skills to actually do it.

At an elite level – talent matters, but most of us never play at that level, and until we reach the point where talent becomes a limiting factor, we would have accomplished a lot. We can miss out on all this, if we only move forward based on how skilled or how talented we are.

Truth is most of us, only use a fraction of our potential, and never give ourselves a chance to unleash it fully.

The good news is, it takes only a little bit of confidence and action to change that.

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