The Right Mindset for When You Are Starting as a Creator

Think long term.

Figure out a way to make it awesome, or at least enjoyable in the short term.


Because as humans we are bad at sticking to things long term.

And we need to do things for the long term to be able to succeed, and for the magic to happen.

And one can only stick to something in the long run by making it enjoyable in the long run.

It works if you are writing, making videos, creating art, or making music.

So, when starting out as a creator commit to doing it for at least 2 years, putting out a finished version for what you make at least once a week.

Also, equally important don’t worry about what others will say, because almost no one will see what you do when you start out.

All these combined – focus on long-term, short-term enjoyment and creating consistently without worrying what others will say – will take you closer to where you want to reach.

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