Focused Learning is Fun. It also helps you grow.

Do you find books boring?

Do you watch videos and read articles when you get a small window of time, in the name of learning and still don’t move forward?

If yes, then here is a strategy that has worked for me. It is to stop random exploration and go for focused learning.

Stop reading random content. Pick up a book or two that is related to, and highly recommended for learning about the topic you want to become a master of.

In addition to the book, invest in a course that has gotten results for people. Even better work with a coach or advisor to guide you on your quest.

Don’t invest your time or money in anything else. The only thing you should do apart from this, is to talk to people who have done it.

This approach will give your clarity on your learning sources.

This will also shave off 30 minutes to 2 hours every day of random exploration time from your day, depending on how much time you spend exploring.

And, when you are this focused, you will implement what you learn. Learning and reading will become fun again because it will not be random reading. It will be meaningful learning for forward movement.

Do you think you can use this approach?

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