Save Energy, Deploy It Where It’s Needed the Most.

To save it, know where we spend it,

Digestion takes energy.

Thinking about what to wear, what to eat, and what to do takes energy.

All this together takes a ton of energy.

Reduce choices for each. Reduce extra thinking for each by deciding ahead of time.

To save time on digestion, eat light or food items that take less time to digest, like fruits and energy.

Eat energy-enhancing foods, again fresh food items. Avoid stale food items as they will make you sluggish.

What did you do when you were in school? You had a uniform. You wore the same uniform every day. Choose a work uniform. That’s what Mark Zuckerberg does. Steve Jobs did. Barack Obama also has a set number of choices regarding color.

Decide different food items for each day of the week. Then repeat the theme week after week for a couple of months. Then decide again and go with the choices you make for the next two months. 

This way in a way instead of thinking about food three times a day for 365 days, you think about it six times or six days in a year. Wonder how much mental energy and time you’d save this way.

Also, reduce thinking time and choices by batching meetings, deep work during set hours or days of the week, and putting everything you need to do in a calendar.

You get the point. Good luck implementing it in your life.

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